Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter Treats!

Marvelous weather we've been enjoying in good old Blighty, isn't it? It's really given me a boost! Despite wanting to soak up every last ray of sunshine, I have managed to resist it's charms long enough to work on some new items and I'm pretty chuffed with them too! These I.O.U pockets are a reworked design of a gift I made for Judd a couple of birthdays ago. He knew I was buying him festival tickets but this meant that he wouldn't have anything to open on his actual birthday - Sad times! I couldn't have that, so I made him one of these little I.O.U pockets and inside was a card reading "Festival ticket". I hadn't attempted to make a batch before now because they're a little bit fiddly, but I guess this crazy heat wave must have spurred me on!

Each pocket is different and fastens with a little vintage button. Inside is a hand decorated card with space to write whatever gift is owed, whether it be hugs and kisses or a girly weekend! I'll be selling my I.O.U pockets at my second craft fair this Saturday, held at The Dukes in Lancaster again. As a special Easter treat, each Pojii comes with a free chocolate Easter egg! Om nom nom!

Finally an update on the WowThankyou relaunch! We've had word that the shiny new website will go live on Tuesday 26th April! Each seller has had access to their shops to upload products ready for the launch and I can tell you, it's looking blimmin' lovely! You may have noticed there's a new WowThankyou badge on my blog which will take you to the website. Once there you can search "Little Lost Soul" and you'll find my shop where you can buy pretty things mentioned here in my blog :)  

I hope everybody has a lovely weekend in the sun and remember, if you're in the area on Saturday, come and say hello!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Baby Love!

I know we've only just had Mother's Day, and Father's Day isn't for a while, but nevermind! My latest painting is too cute to save till then! Thought's shared by it's proud owner, Emily, who is far too excited to wait for Father's Day to present it to her hubby!

Told you it was cute! Mnyaaaaaaaw!